APRIL 2018

A good turnout for the April meeting. Talked about the March show, which had a bit of a problem with the snowy weather but all in all it still went well. First time in 39 years that it has snowed on a show day and hopefully will be the last.
The biggest problem we have had is the website, which has not been running for the last couple of months. It was hosted by Webring which has now closed and so I have had to find a new host. I have now managed to get the site up and working but we have lost a lot of our old meeting reports. I hope to add some more pages to it later but it all takes time.
First up on finds table was Johnn's old 1910 book VETERINARY PRACTICE AT HOME by the famous DAY SON & HEWITT brigade. A very interesting item with lots of illustrations.
Mick brought along the Boots First Aid tin for cyclists, boy scouts and tourists. It had all the original contents. Have seen lots of Boots tins but this one is a first timer. In great condition for age. A bottle of Gaseodine accompanied his book which according to the label was a pain killer for Ewes when lambing. Contained the usual Morphine as did most pain killers of the day did.

book 1
tin 1 tin 2 book 2
gas 1 gas 3 gas 2 codd codd comparison

Johnny brought along this interesting item which presumbly is a tea caddy. Engraved on three sides with ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA. BLEND OF FINE TEAS PRODUCING A DISTINGUISHED ENGLISH BREW. Originally EPNS but the outside silvering has worn away. He also brought along his 50p boot sale codd EE COLLINS STAR MINERAL WATER WORKS CAMBERLEY. Never seen this variety before as the normal Star mineral I have put alongside is the normal one. Mick brought the DE-NICOTEA FILTER EJECTOR HOLDER. It was a box containing a cigarette holder with 6 phials of filter crystals - all completely unused.

Last item was this amazing desk ink that Micky brougt along. It was dug at the sidings of Temple Mead station, Bristol. On the base it reads Alfred J Box Bristol Rd No 127571.  They were sanitary suppliers, bathroom fittings etc.

caddy ink 1
ink 2
filter ejector


As usual our April meeting has the connoisseurs £1 a ticket raffle with prizes being purchased from the Alton bottle show.

Mickey won the Jeroboam whisky, Hodgy the Butter Crock,  Richard the dumpy seltzer, Dave the caviare pot and Kim the Stout bottle.

The club competition was for 3 glass inks. We had 6 colourful entries but unfortunately I forgot to photograph the - my apologies.

Anyway in first place was Micky with his 3 coloured tea kettles and second Dave.

Next meeting Weds May 9th. Competition 3 crown cap glass bottles.


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