APRIL 2019

The first meeting after our highly successful Bottle Show. A full house with plenty of visitors, compared to last year when the snow was the big problem. Also this was our 40th anniversary of shows, as the club started up in 1979.There was a good write up with pictures in the local newpaper, which all adds to promoting the hobby.


Finds were a bit thin on the ground for this evenings meeting. However first up was Bryan who found these 2 syphons. Not normally of much interest but the Basingstoke Mineral Water Co was of special interest as he comes from there. The other was Wheelers of Wycombe.

Neil acquired a job lot of bottles from a builder, who had been finding them over the years while working. Amongst them was the scarce Bordon Mineral Works Hants codd in mint condition. Although Bordon is only about 8 miles from Alton and was the former Army Garrison town, very little digging has been done there. There is a lot of development going on there and I guess something should be surfacing there. Problem these days is the security and the fencing that goes up around sites.

George picked up the R Fry 3 towns Ginger Beer, Hastings, Brighton and Eastbourne. and Neil got the Fenn of Farnham GB among a job lot he bought.
syphons codd
gb friarycreams

Graham brought along this showcard for Friary Meux beers. Friary was based in London and Guildford. His other 2 finds were the cream pots (£2 each at a boot fair). They are 2 versions of the famous Stranraer Wigtownshire Creamery Co. The Boracised version apparently had Boracic Acid added as a preservative, but this is harmful to children and not too good in bigger quantities for adults either.

comp1 comp2 comp3

The evenings competition was for 2 coloured inks. 1st Dave. 2nd Richard. 3rd Mick.

As usual our April meetings has the £1 a ticket connoisseurs raffle. The prizes were as follows.

John - Coloured lip R Whites Codd
John - Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese jug
Anita - Hardens Fire Grenade
Richard - Grossmith Pot Lid
Dave - Players Jug

Next meeting May 8th.
Competition is for an Enamel sign.

Link to Youtube March 2019 Alton Bottle show pictures -

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