DEC 2019


Last meeting of the year, the Christmas get together, with a fine spread of nibbles and a festive raffle. There was a good turnout of members and of course each one is entitled to a free ticket in the connoisseurs raffle - more on that later.

All the members agreed that the Alton show had gone off very well with a good attendance of visitors. Another 3 months time and it will be the March show.

A few items on the finds table tonight.
food raffle

Neil purchased the COMPLINS BREWERY HOLYBOURNE bulb neck Codd bottle from the Alton show. Holybourne is a village next to Alton, and these Codd bottles are not that common.

George brought along this framed advertising jigsaw he picked up at a local show. It looks American and has a bit of age to it. He also bought the Boots Bismth Lozenges tin at a charity fayre.

The final find was the lovely Doulton pounce shaker, which George bought at the Alton show. For the uninitiated pounce is powdered cuttlefish and was sprinkled on ink to help it dry.
codd picture tin1
doulton comp1 comp2a comp2b comp3
The evenings competition was for a coloured bottle with blob top.
1st was Bryan with his amber mineral F BLUNDEN,  BASINGSTOKE
2nd= Mick's PURE WATER CO LTD, BATTERSEA dumpy seltzer
3rd David's RICE BROTHERS, SOUTHSEA beer bottle

Finally the free connoisseurs raffle.

Highland Cream Whisky Jug - Dave
Herne Bay pub jug - Judy
Herne Bay pot - David
Courage Alton pub jug - Hodgy
Crown perfumery Cherry lid - John
5 free tickets for April draw - Steve

Next meeting Weds 8th Jan
Agenda - AGM
Competition - Monochrome pot lid with base (max 3 items)

Link to Youtube November 2019 Alton Bottle show pictures -

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