JAN - MAR 2018


I didn't publish a web page update for January as that was the AGM date. There were no entries on the finds table and I didn't want to bore you all with what was said at the AGM. Basically the club is performing well and the committee and officers are the same as last year.
The competition was for one caviar pot.

1st Dave
2nd Johnny
3rd Mick
4th Eric

comp 1   comp 2
comp 3 comp 4 comp 5
There was no club meeting in February and so the club all went out for a meal at the Swan hotel.
outlook for the weekend is snow which is not very welcome.
The March meeting was held a few days before our next show. Snow is forecast for the weekend which could well cause a few problems.
First up on the finds table is this slug ink. Another rarity recently added to Micky's collection.
whisky 1whisky 2  


lid courage codd Graham picked up the NAPIER JOHNSTONE OLD HIGHLAND WHISKY bottle at a car boot sale. At first glance it looks more like a sauce bottle.
The BAILDON & SON, 73 PRINCES STREET, EDINBURGH, OTTO OF ROSE COLD CREAM is a lovely small lid with original base, brought along by Mick.
He also brought along the split size COURAGE & CO, ALTON Codd - a local bottle not often seen. Courage is famous for it's traditional beer, but it's mineral and ginger beer manufacture is not very well documented.

The evenings competition was for a bottle with an animal on

1st Steve

2nd= Mick

2nd= Dave (although his had an owl on it, but we let him have it)

3rd Eric
comp 1 comp 2a comp 2b comp 3  

Next meeting Weds April 11th. Connoisseurs raffle. Competition 3 Glass Inks.

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