JAN 2022
The first club meeting of 2022. This was our AGM chaired by Mick Wells. He reviewed the past 2 years as we did not hold an AGM last year. The club is still running very smoothly and hopefully COVID will not effect our future meetings and shows. The past club competitions were won by Johnny Harris who will get to hold the coveted Syphon Trophy for the year and get free years membership. The Treasurers report was very positive and our bank balance is in good shape and there will be no need to increase any stallholder or show entry fees for some time.
On the finds table we have the flagon. This was GLANVILLE & CO, WHOLESALE & RETAIL GROCERS & PROVISION MERCHANTS. BASINGSTOKE. This belongs to Neil. Apparently it was on Facebook, but located in Mid wales. One of Neil's friends from Bristol met the seller in South Wales and Neil picked it up from Bristol. Well worth it as this is quite a rare item. Apparently this business started in 1878 in Basingstoke and then moved to Ryegate.
The 5 mini clay pipes were David's Ebay purchase. Quite a rare collection to obtain. Never seen them that small before, but hey I am no expert.

flagon pipes
                                                              Mick's The LION OV IRISH WHISKY bottle had an interesting label. It had branches in Strood, Rochester, New Brompton, Woolwich, Faversham and Aldershot. This one had the Aldershot Station Road label at bottom. Aldershot is only about 12 miles from Alton and so makes it quite a local piece.
The Victoria Diamond Jubilee cup belongs to George. The interesting part is that the Staffordshire makers on base began manufacturing these in the 1930's, way past the 1897 jubilee date.
wine wine label cup 1 cup 2

gb The T WRIGHT STOCKTON ginger beer was found by Neil in an old house which was being cleared of it's contents. Always glad to help out.
The next item is a tin tube that contained old wax tapers, which he found in a second hand shop. The tapers made by the famous Bryant and May.
Finally Georges charity shop find - the cream jug WESTERN COUNTIES CREAMERIES, APLIN & BARRETT Ld YEOVIL, MARSTON & WESTBURY.
taper tin   cream
cup 3 tapers top
The evenings competition was for 4 ginger beers from the same town. We had a record number of entries and the winner was Micky Winwood with his 2 Hartley Wintney ones.  
comp 1 comp 2 comp 3 comp 4
comp 5 comp 6 comp 7 comp 8
comp 0 comp 10 comp 11 comp 12
comp 13 Next meeting will be on the 9th Feb.
We have changed the club dinner to a fish and chips evening.
The competition will be for 1 pontilled bottle.

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