JAN 2023

The first meeting of 2023 was the AGM. The chairmans and Treasurers reports were both read out. They both agreed that the club was very successful and the bank balance was very healthy. Therefore there was no reason to increase the prices for the show or club membership. The club competitions were still popular and the winner for the most points was John Harris. He therefore gets a years free membership.      

On the finds table was Jordans COW & GATE tin, which he purchased from another collector.
Next, the pair of bottles were found by George in a charity shop. They are both embossed ABC ROSS-ON-WYE. This stands for Alton court Brewery Company. Both with different pictorial designs on front.
David dug the S MAW Cherry Tooth Paste lid recently. It is a bit larger than the regular Maws lid. He also dug the blob top CRYSTAL BOGNOR mineral. It still had some liquid in it when he dug it so he left it in. He then purchased a ginger beer on Ebay from the same company.
ow gate pair mins maws lid

crystal waters gb flask flask 2
Jorden brought along the reform flask NEALDS &COOPER GUILDFORD.
Joe picked up the old late 19th century Rockingham glaze reform flask. Sadly it has a repairable chip on the lip but otherwise in good condition.
The STILESTER stone pot was Daves great £5 purchase from a car boot.
He also picked up the lovely little brown pot embossed FRANKLIN & BALLS VETY SURGERY WORCESTER.

reform stilester vet pot

The competition was for an advertising tin. First was David with the AERO NEEDLES and second was Jorden with the COW & GATE tin

comp 1 comp 2 comp 3 comp 4 comp 5
comp 6 comp 10 comp 7 comp 8comp 9
Next meeting Weds Feb 8th. Fish and Chips evening. Competition 3 Different Colour Poisons
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