JUNE 2021 

The club held their second meeting of the year. On the agenda we had a talk from Steve Day. Together with slides and internet access he discussed the merits of the 'back to back' map program where you can compare old maps to new and see whether old clay pits etc are still there or have they been filled in, hopefully with rubbish and bottles. He then went on to talk about auctions he had been to and the little gems he had found among the boxes of stuff he had bought.

The Halls of Alton GB came from Mick's collection, but after the meeting it went to Bryan's collection. Sad to see it go. The other 2 GB's belonged to Bryan. The impressed one was from Mortimer, near Reading.
David brought along this interesting Colombo bottle. As you can see the writing on the back reads THIS BOTTLE IS THE PROPERTY OF AND CONTENTS MANUFACTURED BY THE CEYLON ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO LTD COLOMBO. Apparently this company started up in 1866 and manufactured soda and mineral drinks and then infantile beverages and frozen confectionery. Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The rare HAYNES Codd bottle with oval marble was one of Mick's recent acquisitions.
David also bought the little Boots, Sarsaparilla, one of his Ebay finds.
The Poor Mans Friend tin was bought by George at the last Alton show.

2 gb gb 1
gb 2
ceylon 1  ceylon 2  haynes  sarsparilla 
ceylon 3  poor mans friend 
crapper frys ymca

The Thomas Crapper and Fry's Milk Chocolate sign, both reproductions, were brought in by George. Got them at a charity shop. Guess some people would be happy to have these on the wall. The YMCA mug was dug on an old army WW1 tip by David.

This was an interesting item that Joe picked up at a car boot for the princely sum of £1. Apparently it is a water barometer. It would have had water put into it via the spout. I guess the water level would be nearly half way up the main reservoir. It could then be hung up. As the air pressure changed, the air inside the container would expand or contract and the water level in the spout would rise or fall. Probably late Victorian. Would have been a bit of a job to clean out the inside.

The evenings competition was for a Whisky Jug.

1st Mick with Bush Hotel Farnham
Joint 2nd was Johns Whitgift School Croydon.
                 Interesting writing on base.
Joint 2nd Joe with his Greybeard
3rd Richard with the Dewars
4th Steve with the Greers jug.

barometer comp 1
comp2a comp 2a base comp b   comp 3
The next Club meeting will be on Weds Sept 8th.

This is now our fish and chips night and the competition is for 2 Boots items.

Our Alton Bottle Show will be Sunday November 21st.
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