JUNE - SEPT 2018


I have combined these 2 meetings because the June meeting was our annual fish and chips night when spouses were included to the meeting. We had no competition but there were a few finds on the table. First up was Mick's Valet Safety Razor in box. These are becoming quite collectable and this is in good condition. He also brought along the 1/2 pound Robertsons jam jar with original lid, the stoneware RICE pot and the pontilled desk ink.
razor  razor bits 
robertsons    desk ink 
Georges large flagon impressed PETMAN & CO WINCHESTER & BASINGSTOKE is apparently quite a rare item. But the GUINNESS wrapping paper must be top of the list. He has several of these which are good condition tissue papers with Guinness adverts on. They would probably have been used to wrap around your bottle of Guinness when you purchased it. I would have surmised thatuit tarts. many of them would be around now.
There was no competition for the evening as everyone was enjoying their fish n chips and fruit tarts.
bz flagon  guinness
Back from our summer break and loads of goodies on the finds table.
First up from Mick is this fantastic condition SINGER enamel sign. It is Spanish and translates as Machine Singer For Sewing. It came from the wall of an office in Spain and so has never been subjected to the elements. Probably dates around 1940's. Looking on internet there are several differently dressed ladies in the fashion of the day. Measures 24" x 16".


Eric picked up the blue topped GB while he was in Cardiff. Believed to be a Kent bottle.

singer sign 
beer codd
blue top gb 
coloured lids  hwb1 



Steve went to an auction and bid on a lot of mixed dressing table pots and these 3 coloured lids were amongst them. Nobody apparently noticed them, so he got a bargain at £10.
He also picked up the 3 hot water bottles at the same auction in another job lot.

The green top BOGNOR MINERAL WATER GB was purchasd by Bryan to add to his collection. Not a very common find.
Micky, being an ink collector, was over the moon with his recent Ebay purchase. The yellow tea kettle ink was a real stunner. In excellent condition and the neck of the ink is octagonal in shape. He also got the small blue bottle which is a couple of inches tall, probably a perfume. Finally the aqua Monitor ink with the initials J & I E M, which stands for John & Isaac Elijah Moore. Dates around 1870. It was an American company based in Warren Massachusetts.

bognor gb tea kettle blue perfume

ink 1
ink 2
Dave brought the whiskey bottle H STONE, IMPERIAL HOTEL, ALDERSHOT. Not one we have come across before.
The (uncleanes) acid etched whisky DRUMMOND ARMS has no town name on but 99% sure it is from Guildford, where the pub still exists.
Dave's 1/2 pint milk bottle is from EDWIN WATTS of FLEET. Another local defunct dairy. This also comes in an embossed version.
Johnny produced the art nouveau desk ink.
acm whisky drummond milk desk ink
The DAY & SONS medicine chest was another addition to Steve's collection of Days veterinary items. He was very pleased with this one as it had the word Sample on it. The label was also in very good condition.
Although not bottle related, Graham's booklet TRY THIS is a collection of household hints. Among other things the contents include 30 things to do with vinegar, how to cure boots from squeaking, removing ink stains from muslin and preventing bedsores. Very interesting reading.
day chest booklet
comp1 comp 2 comp 3 comp 4

The evenings competition was for one stoneware whisky flask.
1st was Mick with his FARNHAM BUSH HOTEL
2nd John with his AULD LANG SYNE

Next Club meeting: Weds Oct 10th.

Competition: 1 Glass & 1 Stoneware from same firm.



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