MAR 2022


First tonight a picture of John holding the Syphon Trophy. This is held by the winner who has scored most points in the club competitions for the year. Bit late receiving it as it had to be engraved.
On the finds table we had a group of 3 MELLS WEST LISS Codds. The Centre one is George Mells and the outside ones William Mells. The left one has the letters WM around neck,
Next John's cute little pot J MASKELL VETERINARY SURGEONS BASINGSTOKE. Must be 19th century.

john mells bz pot
desk ink hamilton caviar
Mick brought 3 items. First the BRENT FURNISHING CO LTD desk ink, in perfect condition. His small local hamilton HALL ALTON is very rare. Never come across one before. His last item was the DRIVERS caviar pot. This is quite a rarity but as you can see in picture it has a few nibbles around the shoulder.
David brought along the COLEMAN stone jar from DEAL, DOVOR (their spelling) & SANDGATE. Probably circa 1870.
Micky brought the DR WINN'S BLACK & BLUE REVIVER (for kid leather).
coleman jar 1 coleman jar stone bottle
stone printing

Mick also brought along the crown cap PINKS CHICHESTER mineral bottle.
The next items were Grahams. It looks very much like a stand that is used in chemistry where they can push gas up through the hole into an upturned jar. Could be wrong but what else could it be. The small china bowl had the Royal Worcester pottery mark on side. The small round box was marked BEECHAMS PILLS. The coin was an old cartwheel penny with TALBOT stamped on front and the Toc H symbol on reverse.
pinks chemist stand 2 small
coin 1 coin 2
Micky also brought along this small JOBS STONEWARE POT about 3 inches tall, together with his description of it.

The competition was for 2 advertising jugs
1st John
2nd Judy
3rd Dave
4th Mick
jobs catle description
comp 1 comp 2 comp 4  
comp 3 Next meeting Weds April 13th

Competition 2 Printed Milk Bottles
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