MARCH 2020 


Mick announced that the club now has it's own Facebook page. It is listed under 'Alton Bottle Club'. Hopefully it will be successful with members and other collectors posting images etc on the site.
Recently a guy from Portsmouth, who used to go digging back in the day, has kindly donated a lot of bottles to the club. I have gone through them and binned the damaged ones. The better ones will be put in the club raffles and the others available for members to help themselves. The rest will be donated to local charity shops.
The first few bottles on finds table were part of the donation. Ginger Beer from Blackburn. The beer bottle CHARLES WELLS BEDFORD and the large size DAY & SONS WHITE OIL, CREWE .
Next up an attractive MILTON inhaler in good condition but with some damage on lid. The large stoneware pot WHITMEE & CO, MILL SCALE AND CANISTER MAKERS, 69 & 70 ST JOHN ST,
CLERKENWELL EC was a charity shop find by George. This company was mentioned in the 1862 International Exhibition. It looks like a tobacco jar shape but the jury is still out as to what it was for.
gb beer day sons

milton tobacco jar virol beer inhaler
George also produced the green beer bottle GEORGE POVEY STORES, CAVERSHAM and the brown VIROLAX.
Steve purchased the MAWS VEL-FIN INHALER at an auction. In lovely mint condition. Also other items in the lot were the these 3 objects. 1 old metal key, a solid silver extending measure with built in propelling pencil plus a DAY & SONS Trocar. For the uninitiated a trocar is a tube with a pointed knife running through it. It is used to puncture the rumen to release gas in bloated sheep. Bit barbaric, and smelly, but probably did the job.
Micky brought along 3 inks. The bell shape has STEPHENS INK on base. The cottage is unusual in that it does not have the customary water butt on the side. The black (very dark amber/brown) glass one is exceptional. In lovely shiny  condition with a pontil on base. He also brought along the RAWLINGS 6d DEPOSIT flagon from a charity shop. Why don't I ever find stuff in charity shops?

inks 1 inks 2 flagon

Cream Pots was the subject for the evenings competition.

1st Dave
2nd Eric
John, Mick and Richard runners up.
comp 1 comp 2

comp 3 comp 4 comp 5
15th ALTON 2020
10.30am to 1.30pm
GU34 1HN

Next meeting is on Weds April 8th.
Competition 1 Medical/Surgical item

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