MAY 2021 

We have now had our full first club meeting of 2021 - all fully masked and socially distanced. It was good to see all the old members again and hopefully things are getting back to normal now. We welcomed two new members to the club - Michal and Joe.
First on the agenda was the AGM. The Chairman and Treasurer made their reports. The main item was that our funds were down and this was due to the cancelled Bottle Show revenue, but it is not a problem. Our next show on Nov 21st is fully booked and we are all looking forward to it.
We had a lot of finds on the table. First the GREER WHISKY jug. Steve found this in a charity shop - great find. Apparently there are repro's of these jugs but this is the genuine article. The milk bottle is WELFORD & SONS LTD, DAIRY FARMERS, LONDON. This was a find by Mick but it is so unusual that it is aqua colour glass which wouldn't make the milk look very appealing. On the base is the patent number, it would probably have had a foil cap, but why that colour. David brought along the small REFRESHMENT ROOM GNR pot. He recently dug it up in excellent condition. Great Northern Railways is a bit far from home down here in the south.
greer milk 1 milk 2 gnr jug
Dave acquired this Chapmans patent ball stopper from someone who had some crates of old bottles under a hedge. They had been there years but luckily had survived the weather. This bottle is a scarce SALTER of ALDERSHOT, with the late name FALKNER on it. His other great find was the NATURES HERBAL OINTMENT pot which he picked up at a car boot sale. The black glass GB was one of Mick's finds. This one is acid etched MAUGHAN LAMBETH 26. The other 2 glass GB's were brought in by Joe. the left hand one is EDGE YE OLD BREWED GINGER BEER, LONGSIGHT and the other CROMPTON & SON AERATED WATERS.
chapmans herbal oint black glass gb 2 glass gb
This lovely A JONES of LIVERPOOL picture belongs to Micky. It was originally rolled up but Dave tidied it and reframed it. Great job.
George brought along some pictures of a BURBERRY of BASINGSTOKE jug he owns. This was the original company that was the famous clothing company. It was founded in 1800 but was destroyed by fire. The jug shows pictures of the old building and the new one reopened in 1906. Micky is the proud owner of the impressed GB, which he bought on Ebay. It has a load of writing on it. MUSSOLLI BROS, 226 GIPSY LANE, 71 GREEN ST, 69 BARKING ROAD, 5 FREEMASONS ROAD.  The last picture is a bit of a mystery. Someone suggested it was a breast expresser but they usually had a rubber suction on them. So the mystery is still there.



2 dumpy 3 dumpy

3 dumpy 3 seltzer
Here  are a collection of dumpy seltzers that Joe brought along. He had recently acquired them from another collector who was downsizing.

We held one of our £1 a ticket connoisseurs raffles.
Winners as follows

Richard - Gosnells pot lid
Steve - Rock Blue
Micky - Millenium Doulton Guinness figure
Judy - Warners
Gill - Bachelor jug

conn draw

The evenings competition was for a codd and a ginger beer from the same company. 1st was Dave and 2nd was David. There were 10 entries to the competition but I only took pictures of the winners. comp 1 comp 2
Link to Youtube March 2019 Alton Bottle show pictures -

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