Final preparations were discussed for our forthcoming Show on Sunday. All fully booked and the weather forecast looks good.
First up on finds table was this small 1871 calendar. It is about 3 inches tall and was found by Johnny between the pages of an old book that was about to be thrown away.
Mick brought along this rare blue Blackwoods Igloo ink and the small onion bottle, which probably dates around the late 1600's. Micky showed his shear top disinfectant bottle. On one side it reads DISINFECTANT and on the other BOLIC. There must be a joke in there somewhere!
calendar 2 calendar 3

igloo DISINFECTANT DIS 2 onion
This beer bottle was another Micky find. Half pint size highly embossed with picture of a steam cart - DARLINGTON STEAM MINERAL WATER COMPANY.
Neil is the owner of the local EDWIN LOE WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, ALTON flagon. His wife spotted it in an antique shop.
Graham found the bed pan, small flat iron and the MARTIN DAIRY, BIDDEFORD milk bottle in some old guy's garage.
The approx 1.5 inch small figure is of a young kid sitting on a potty.
A lovely old pipe found by Johnny at a car boot is of General Gordon of Khartoum. A stunning example in great condition.
Eric's GEO T COX of London, Dublin and Aldershot is another scarce codd. Amazing that Aldershot can be linked with London and Dublin. They also do a ginger beer bottle which is also hard to find.
figure 1 figure 2 pipe pipe  
broken codd milk
The last lot is this assortment of early glass and pottery, brought in by Micky. Apparently there is an old farm that is having a lot of building renovations. The farmer has allowed him to scratch around while the work is being carried out. He wears his Hi Viz and makes out to the workers that he is part of the H & S group. Anyway he has been promised that there will be a lot more digging to come. With the glass being circa 17th century it could be a bonanza if he pulls out some complete stuff.
The evening's competition was for an advertising ash tray.
1st Hodgy with his Dewars
2nd Eric with the Royal Berks
comp 1 comp 2 comp 3
comp 4 comp 5 comp 6
Next months meeting on Dec 12th is our Christmas nibbles and drinks social. The competition is for 2 cake decorations.

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