NOV 2019


We welcomed a new member, David Archer, to our club - another keen collector. Mick showed the club members one of his picture shows that he recently made of a colossal breweriana, bottle and flagon collection which he had recently visited and filmed. It will eventually be posted on Youtube and it is one not to be missed.
Final arrangements were discussed about our forthcoming show on Sunday 17th Nov. All fully booked and it should be a cracker.

On the finds table. First George brought along some info on slipper bed pans. We all come across these things but not much of a market for them. Anyway the information may come in useful to someone.

George also brought along the 2 flagons KINGHAM,FARNHAM and JOHN GRICE, HYDE PARK, together with a lovely old Doulton jug complete with handle, which I should have photographed.

The third flagon of the evening was Bryan's Doulton C HEATH, GEORGE HOTEL, ODIHAM. Odiham is only 10 miles from Alton  and was also a base for the famous Crowley beer.

John bought the 2 syphons at the recent Elsecar auction. The green one is from MUMBY & CO, PORTSMOUTH and the blue one from THE WINCHESTER STEAM MINERAL WATER WORKS.


fjflagon1 fjflagon2 flagonhydepark1
OHFLAGON2 doulton jug syphons
David brought along the W O SMITH'S TITCHFIELD ginger beer. Titchfield is a village down South in Hampshire. I believe that Smith was a chemist and probably made his ginger beer on the premises.

Next Dave brought along a valve codd bottle. This was sick when he aquired it but after some tumbling came up as good as new. Lots of writing back and front. THIS BOTTLE IS THE PROPERTY OF METROPOLITAN, HOLLAND STREET, BRIXTON SW. On other side,  BUYING OR SELLING OF THIS BOTTLE IS ILLEGAL, TRADE 17 NUMBER, PATENT RYLANDS VALVE 4, SOLE MAKERS, DAN RYLANDS, BARNSLEY.
gb   codd codd2 codd 3
Finally on the finds are these 2 old 19th century stoneware bottles.
The competition for the evening was for 1 coloured pot lid.
1st Johnny with his Strathfield Saye.
2nd Mick with Shakespeares House
Runners up were Eric and Dave
stoneware comp1
comp2 comp3 comp4

Next Meeting Weds 11th December. Social evening with connoisseurs raffle.

The competition is for 1 coloured bottle with blob top (not a codd)



Link to Youtube March 2019 Alton Bottle show pictures -

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