NOV 2021

The last meeting before we hold our November Bottle Show. It has been 20 monthe since the last one back in March 2020. I can foresee that it will be very busy and it will be great to meet up with old faces again.

On the finds table tonight we start off with a few milk bottles. The first one is Micks. Very unusual as it is aqua glass with a wide foil cap top. WELFORD & SONS DAIRY FARMERS LONDON. On the base it shows 2 Ref numbers - 411190 and 475351 which refer to dates 1903 nd 1908. It is in mint condition and must be quite a rarity.
The second milk is Grahams pint ANDOVER CREAMERIES LTD, which he picked up at Barnstable.
The last one, dug by David, is a 1/2 pint FARNHAM DAIRY 12 WEST STREET FARNHAM with a small picture of a cow.
my milk 1 my milk 2 my milk 3

andover milk
  farnham milk spirit flask 1 spirit flask 2 pearce duff
The aqua bottle with the basket weave pattern has the wording Imperial Pint around shoulder. On base ther is a Rd diamond registration. The owner Micky thinks it is an early spirit flask.

Graham's small shear top bottle is embossed PEARCE DUFFS YO-YO.

A large IMPROVED BREAD PAN was bought at an auction by Dave. Made by Doulton & Co Lambeth and in great condition.

Another item picked up at an auction was Neils JA SPRIGGS ROYAL HOTEL WINCHESTER flagon. After some reasearch,  the J stands for John and it dates around 1875.
breadpan flagon

The evenings competition was for 2 printed pots.

1st Johnny
2nd David
3rd Dave
4th Mick

comp 1 comp 2

comp 3 comp 4 Next meeting is our Christmas one on December 8th

Competition 1 Advertising Ashtray

Connoisseurs raffle

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