NOV 2022
Thee last club meeting before our bottle show. Mick announced it was all fully booked and we just hope for a fine day, so that all the people queuing to come in do not get soaked.
Tonights finds table was not one of our best, but the competition entries were great.
Among the 4 Codds brought in, the first  one was a CROWLEY ALTON Dobsons patent brought in by Micky.
The remaining three were bought in by David who purchased a job lot.
The first GOSLING of BASINGSTOKE. The second an acid etched ALLEN & LLOYD  ALDERSHOT. Wonder why having one of the most common codds in the country they turned out an acid etched one.
Micky brought along the Peacock pictorial shear top bottle. No idea what was in it.
David had the impressed ginger beer from the BASINGSTOKE MINERAL WATER CO.
Finally this unusual tapered stopper. Guess it must have been hammered into a bottle to seal it. The writing on the top was not very clear but eventually deciphered it  as what looks like PR BRAND THE UNITY PATENT APPd FOR PRO No 14923.

The competition was for 1 Flagon
1st John with the CROWLEY
2nd= Bryan with the WALTER WADMORE
2nd= Micky with the ALDRIDGE

A great selection of entries.
crowley gosling allen lloyd etched bz min
peacock bz gb stop2 st op1
comp 1 comp 2a comp 2b comp 3
comp 4 comp 10 comp 5 comp 6
conp 7 comp 8 comp 9 Next Club meeting Weds 14th Dec.
Food and drink night plus connoisseurs draw.