OCTOBER 2018

First up on the finds table this evening was this delightful framed advertising picture for PARNELL. It was originally from a 1908 calendar but someone back in time had it framed. Parnell was a boot factory from Fleet and Odiham down in Hampshire. The frame is approximately 30 inches tall. This was one of Daves finds.
His other find was the slab seal flagon HUMPHREYS ASCOT. Not much to go on but apparently was a grocers store.
Eric dug up the Gelle Fleurs Parfumeurs pot. Not very exciting but he got the top and bottom out together.
Bryan showed off his sealed wine bottle, circa 1770. On the seal it reads WCG ZEALS. This is a Wiltshire based bottle and the initials  standing for William Chaffin Grove, who was an English lawyer and politician.
Mick brought along the small drinking class with the wording WALTHAMSTOW STADIUM LTD. Back in the day this was a greyhound stadium so I guess somebody nicked it as a souvenir.
The blue top H WISE, READING GB was an antique shop find by George.
picture pic title
flagon wine seal glass
wise gb bio 1 bio 2 eastleigh imp gb
The aqua flask shaped bottle is French and has BIOLACTYL on front and FERMENT FOURNIER, 7 RUE BISCORNET, PARIS  on back. Apparently the firm is still going and the product is for the maintenance of gastrointestinal flora apparently.
John brought along the small screw top bottle F W HAZELL LTD, 2D HIGH STREET, EASTLEIGH. Contained Potassium something.
The Allen & Lloyd, Aldershot impressed GB was a £1 car boot find.

write up imp pint
flask 1 flask 2

George brought along pictures of this black glass flask. The owner wanted to know what it was. It is 4 inches tall. It has a date scratched into it of 1860 on one side and 3 letters on the other. It is not very heavy and the general synopsis was that it was an ornate spirit flask.

The evenings competition was for a glass and a stoneware item from one company.
1st. Richard with  his Amey of Petersfield beer and pub jug.
2nd Bryan with Codd and GB from Gosling of Basingstoke
3rd Steve with Whitbreads beer and match striker
4th Mick with Boots GB and medicine
5th Dave with Bognor Mineral Water GB and bottle
  comp 1 comp 2 comp 3
comp 4 comp 5 ALTON BOTTLE FAYRE


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