OCT 2019


Not a great many finds on table this month but Micky was recently digging on a not very productive dump, when he found the large size J FIELDS ink. When he got it home to clean it, he found that the previous owner had been using it as a moneybox, because it contained 47 old silver threepenny coins. For those who do not remeber the old coinage that was 11 shillings and ninepence or about 59p in new money.
Dave brought along a coulple of ginger beers that he bought at a market.
Mick had a really lucky find at a car boot sale. This small size codd J TRENTHAM & SON, PATENT SYPHON WORKS, GREAT BRIDGE, was sitting in the middle of a stall among all the tat. It was in a sick condition, but I picked it up and the guy said "a bit different as it's got a yellow top". Not wishing to look too excited I agreed, and handed him the £2.
Next stage was to get it tumbled and I now have a pristine coloured lip, rare codd.
Our youngest member Coley was given the beer bottle by a school friends mum, who found it while digging a fence post. THE PROPERTY OF NEWBURY BREWERY, NEWBURY.

codde before codd clean beer gb  
George bought this milk bottle in a charity shop. Not getting too excited about it because it is a repro. There are quite a lot of these on Ebay. Anyway the bottle is quite well made with SCHOOL MILK embossed on shoulder, and a transferred label. However for those who remember school milks they came in 1/3rd of a pint size. Cannot see any school kid drinking a whole pint of the stuff.

#milk comp1 comp2
The evenings competition was for a Boots Chemist item.
1st Dave with Hygienic Inhaler.
2nd Mick with Ginger Beer jug

Other entrants were Steve, Neil, Dave and Richard.
comp3 comp4  
comp6 At next Months meeting (NOV 13th) we will be showing a video of a colossal collection -not to be missed.

The evenings competition is for one coloured pot lid.


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