OCT 2022
Our October meeting was well attended. We had an auction evening with 24 lots from the late Richard Roberts collection. They were all local minerals, beers etc. We raised £96 which we have donated to Richards favourite charity VSO, Voluntary Services Overseas.
First up on the finds table was Mick's black glass GB, THE MAGNUM BREWED GINGER BEER. Unusual as it has 3 embossed ridges down back.
Jordan brought along the green CHERTSEY skittle.
The first assorted collection was Grahams. He picked this lot up while down in Devon in antique and charity shops.
The collection of lids were bought up by Eric from someones collection.
The CARDIFF and ROCHESTER ginger beers were Daves car boot finds.
David picked up the 2 white pots from Elsecar. VAGOS BLACK ART, 11 GRAYS INN ROAD LONDON and Wm RYLANCE, PAINT MILLS, RYLANCE, Nr MANCHESTER.
The 2 ointment type pots are German and belonged to Eric.
John brought along the £1 car boot Codd CHAPEL WORKS, CASTLETON.
 black gb1 black gb2 chertse mineral
asstd1 asstd2
2 gbs 2 white pots CODD 2 GERMAN POTS
The codd was was Georges NEWMAN, BASING ROAD, BASINGSTOKE. Bit on the sick side but not very common.
Erics GB E&W GUPPY, GUERNSEY. Although I didn't photograph the potter mark, Eric said quite rare as the potters mark number is upside down.
The COLLERY SUPPLY WINCHESTER glass paper weight was one of Neils purchases at the recent Hersham show.
Davids sad find was the broken ARECA NUT CHERRY TOOTHPASTE,FREDk WHEELER, CHEMIST GUILDFORD. A complete one recently sold for £7350. His complete lid was the ST PAULS BRAND CHERRY TOOTH PASTE.
Newman codd guernsey gb winchester paper weight WHEELERS
st pauls lid The evenings competition was for 2 ointment pots            
1st Jordan with his Pulticine and Beach & Barnicott
3rd Mick
4th Eric
comp 1 comp 2a
  comp 2 comp 3 comp 4 Next Meeting
Nov 9th.
 Maximum of 2 Flagons

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