OCT 2023
This evenings meeting was a talk by member David on bottle collecting. He began digging when he was around 14. Most of his digging was in the Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn, Preston areas etc. He also dug in the dunes near Pontins at Blackpool. The display he brought along was very impressive.
On the right of the middle shelf was a 1750ish delta ware chemist jar S DE MECON, which apparently means Syrup of poppies. Unfortunately the pedestal is missing but still a great item to dig up. The blue poison at bottom has the admiralty arrow on front.
He was a teacher for many years and at one school got permission to dig at a dump and took the boys digging, They loved it but unfortunately health and safety kicked in and it was stopped.
Great talk and all the club members enjoyed it.

david 1
david 2 david 3 david 5
david 3
On the finds table was the rare blue Universal Fire Extinguisher which Bryan bought on Ebay. We have never seen one like this before. It has a pontil mark on base.
His second find was the H R KING ODIHAM codd bottle. This is his first Odiham one with a green marble.
Dave brought along the cup, saucer and plate set. This is from the Staff College at Camberley. Quite a rarity.
He also brought along the blue Granular Amnesia bottle with screw top and the all white Batchelor GB.
John brought the ink bottle from London but made in Brooklyn, New York.

The Horlicks, Ovaltine mixer and eye baths were all picked up in charity shops by George.
ext codd cup

mix blue ink

The evenings competition was for 2 potted meat pots/dishes

Ist John
2nd David
3rd Mick

Next meeting is on the 8th November,
Competition is for 1 Footwarmer
comp 1
comp 2
cpomp 3

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