At last, this was our first club meeting since the covid trouble. We were very lucky to squeeze our March bottle show in just before lockdown, but unfortunately we have decided that the November one will no longer go ahead. The following one will be March 21st 2021 and so fingers crossed for that.

First up on the finds table is David's Wiley & Co Ginger Lemonade Hop Tonic, Sheffield. Not one I have ever come across before but no doubt it would be familiar to the Sheffield Collectors. It is odd that the second transfer is on the side and not the back. His other find was the Sainsbury's Bloater Paste which he recently dug.

Mick had an interesting little bottle from a charity shop. It is a small brown dropper bottle with the classic Micky Mouse ground stopper. This has a groove in it so when turned at right angles to the side chambers it release a drop of liquid.
He also brought along one of those repro stoneware Codds that were around in the 1980's. Not very exciting but haven't seen one around for ages.
hop 1 HOP 2

fake codd
sains flagon

Neil's contribution was this New Zealand Ginger Beer. The Alva Mineral Water Co, Auckland.

Hodgy brought along an Ind Coope Allsopp brass ashtray which he picked up for 50p.

Finally, although not bottle related, Graham brought along this old Bill Hook. The only reason for bringing it was the engraving on it with the word Basingstoke, but we cannot decypher the name stamped on it.
auckland gb ash tray

bill 1 bill 2
bill 3
The evenings comp was for 1 dumpy seltzer bottle.
1st Hodgy with the Allen Y Lloyd Aldershot.
Joint 2nd. Mick with Thwaites, New Kent Road, London
                Johnny with Culverhouse, London

Our next meeting is due on October 14th when Steve Day is goung to give us a talk. The competition is 1 Whisky jug.
At this stage we are not sure what the postion is with groups meeting but let's hope the government ease the restrictions.
comp 1 comp2 comp 3




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