SEPT  2023
Back from our summer break. On the finds table tonight we have     this 'early' wine bottle. It is very heavy too. It belongs to David, but all is not as it seems. it is a modern reproduction made of clay. His other find was the FORTT & SON TURTLE DEPOT BATH stoneware pot. Must admit never seen this one before but apparently they do come in a smaller size.
The pint beer is from JOHN ROE WHITCHURCH and Neils 6oz codd
is also from Whitchurch, Apparently it was originally the Star Works with a picture of a star on. Both bottles pretty rare for Whitchurch (Near Basingstoke)
Bryan took a picture of this enamel sign at Elsecar with John Roe name and at base Stockbridge and Whitchurch.
Joe brought the quart milk bottle along - Haslemere pasteurised milk. He is happy because he lives in Haslemere. He also brought along this small pink pot which was dug at Slyfield. Has anybody seen one like it and what did it contain. It says rubber oil enamel on side but what is that used for. The pot is about 2 inches tall.
Graham brought along the FYNNON tin and the 1910 jubilee mug. He also brought along the Buller pin badge. It is only about 1 inch diameter. Apparently these were all charity shop finds.
turtle whit1 whit codd whit pic
milk 1 1 3
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Eric brought along the next items.
The small codd and green mineral are both from Guernsey.
The Dunvilles matchstriker was another great find.

The other codd is Castle Brewery Guildford and the mineral from Stratford on Avon.

The competition for tonight was one Inhaler.
We only had 2 entries.
1st David
2nd Mick
mug pin
tin coddmin  
dunville codds  
comp 2 comp 1  

Next meeting Oct 18th, Talk on bottes by David. Don't miss it.

The next Alton Bottle Show will be Sunday November 19th 2023

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